2.0.1 Release Notes

Channels 2.0.1 is a patch release of channels, adding a couple of small new features and fixing one bug in URL resolution.

As always, when updating Channels make sure to also update its dependencies (asgiref and daphne) as these also get their own bugfix updates, and some bugs that may appear to be part of Channels are actually in those packages.

New Features

  • There are new async versions of the Websocket generic consumers, AsyncWebsocketConsumer and AsyncJsonWebsocketConsumer. Read more about them in Consumers.

  • The old allowed_hosts_only decorator has been removed (it was accidentally included in the 2.0 release but didn’t work) and replaced with a new OriginValidator and AllowedHostsOriginValidator set of ASGI middleware. Read more in Security.


  • A bug in URLRouter which didn’t allow you to match beyond the first URL in some situations has been resolved, and a test suite was added for URL resolution to prevent it happening again.

Backwards Incompatible Changes