1.0.2 Release Notes

Channels 1.0.2 is a minor bugfix release, released on 2017/01/12.


  • Websockets can now be closed from anywhere using the new WebsocketCloseException, available as channels.exceptions.WebsocketCloseException(code=None). There is also a generic ChannelSocketException you can base any exceptions on that, if it is caught, gets handed the current message in a run method, so you can do custom behaviours.

  • Calling Channel.send or Group.send from outside a consumer context (i.e. in tests or management commands) will once again send the message immediately, rather than putting it into the consumer message buffer to be flushed when the consumer ends (which never happens)

  • The base implementation of databinding now correctly only calls group_names(instance), as documented.

Backwards Incompatible Changes