Community Projects

These projects from the community are developed on top of Channels:

  • Djangobot, a bi-directional interface server for Slack.
  • knocker, a generic desktop-notification system.
  • Beatserver, a periodic task scheduler for django channels.
  • cq, a simple distributed task system.
  • Debugpannel, a django Debug Toolbar panel for channels.
  • EventStream, a library to push data using Server-Sent Events (SSE) protocol.
  • DjangoChannelsRestFramework, a framework that providers DRF like consumers for channels.
  • ChannelsMultiplexer, a JsonConsumer Multiplexer for channels.
  • DjangoChannelsIRC, an interface server and matching generic consumers for IRC.

If you’d like to add your project, please submit a PR with a link and brief description.